North Cyprus

You can ascend to the same using a concrete staircase 454 steps and handrails on both sides, without danger to visitors, being one of the main attractions of the place. It is an excellent natural viewpoint on clear days the high mountains of Turquino, can be seen to the South the Caimanera area and the waters of the Strait of Columbus, while the North heights and Nipe, Mayari and Sagua-Baracoa mountains. Is the annual average temperature 18 in terms of weather conditions?C, being the minimum temperature in winter of 6?C, while in summer reaches 28?C. it has as a feature almost 240 days a year there in mists, which can affect visibility and instead give a particular charm to the landscape, especially in moonlit nights. At these altitudes vegetation is altered and partly dedicated to coffee and subsistence crops, but is still preserved in part, in particular the higher parts. What is most abundant are the rainforest, followed by some pine forests and Gallery forests.

The Pteridophytes (ferns and related plants), abound. There are no fauna studies covering all these elevations. What more has been done in this regard are studies of birds, whereas preliminarily that almost 20% of those reported in the country are represented in the area. It is zone It has as nearly unique feature in the country (except the Sierra del Rosario, in the province of Pinar del Rio), have received migrations of French settlers during the Haitian revolution, who settled along the coast and came to these high mountains. There they developed the cultivation of coffee and raised important sugar mills that subsisted during the 17TH and 18th centuries. Its ruins still remain, among which that of La Isabelica, currently a Museum and national monument, La Iberia, beautiful tropical garden of montana, Kentucky, site of Jose Marti camping after landing by Playitas in 1895, La Idalia and La Gran Sofia, among others.