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If a survey produces citizens about what bug greater repulsion, sure that the top of the list would be the cockroach. If it’s the American species, even worse, since it is three times larger than the black insect, live triple and, in addition, you can fly and easily climb through Windows, that remain open with the nights of heat. And if it were a plague, you will be more than one hair at the tip. This situation is that has given in Valencia where in the past 15 days has there been an unusual proliferation of the colony of cockroaches in the city. These insects have found an excellent habitat in the sewage networks. And that’s where, for two weeks, colonies of thousands of American cockroaches have been found. Not in vain, these insects can put up to 500 eggs each, which is a serious problem for neighboring communities and services of cleaning of the consistory.

These insects are dangerous because they can transmit diseases since they usually live in dirty sites therefore recommends measures such as closing the Windows and keep the House clean. With the arrival of the heat, Furthermore, cockroaches have greater mobility and easier that they have access to housing for its ability to fly. To avoid these and other similar cases, consultation with companies specialized in pest control.