Multimedia Features

As you turn the phone just hours simkartu and paste, the display is not a great demonstration of some features of the phone. It is very colorful and easy to understand, you should watch it completely, as if you have any questions then it can all be found and have all the answers. If you do not want to watch it, then you are invited, if you have questions use the more complex and detailed textual instruction. Next on the pop-up clock, which can be exchanged for others a slight touch of finger scrolling in all directions across the screen apparatus. If you scroll in a horizontal direction, we encounter the main items of the main menu.

The first item needed to make voice and video calls – both by means of keyboard, or by searching the phone book. The second menu contains all the other abilities – SMS messages, contacts, settings and so on. The menu item is very similar to the contacts, so that was placed in a regular phone – then you can make a new contact, zanesya to the list of numbers to find the desired subscriber numbers, make a group and set a speed dial number. Phone book up to 1000 contacts, each of which can make a few phone numbers, contact name, address, E-mail. mail, give date of birth, number, address accommodation and other appropriate times. Moreover, as in conventional phones this watch mobile phone subscriber can assign a photo to be displayed during the call, and assign certain music.