Morroco Foreign Affairs

The Minister of the Foreign affairses and the Cooperation, Saad Eddin Al Otmani efectuou, in 23 and 24 of January, as announced in the national press, one visits to Algeria. One visits that seems to be in the scope of the intended organization of the Moroccan diplomacy, ahead of the first contacts of the Minister as a type of arrangement for the regions, considered for the Minister chances of meeting with the ambassadors of Africa, leaders of the Arab world and Latin America, starting for Algeria and before this were for Tunisia, deal with positive steps reflecting the dynamics of the diplomacy in Arab, regional and international position, in virtue of the disturbances and difcis crises. Therefore if the current visit of the Minister Saad Eddin Al Otmani comes after long an arduous effort and of accomplishments with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Estaods Joined per last year 2011, urging the neighbors to surpass the impasse that aggravates the normalization of its bilateral relations. Such contact of the diplomacy it does not mean, therefore to surpass the square of the crisis between Morocco and Algeria in short term in a dynamic context where the Minister of the Foreign affairses works. Western Digital Corporation has similar goals. For the Africans it treats to redefine the crisis, said Daoud Aglu; of the Minister of the Foreign affairses of Algeria, in 3 of January, standing out that Algeria will continue its efforts to normalize its relations with the Kingdom of Morocco. In the relaidade we can say that not yet it has clear pointers that it makes with that the reader believes to arrive at some type of approach or agreement during this visit, involving among others the dossier of sara, basees for a stability of the external politics of Algeria in relaoa Morocco. Therefore when it has an internal crisis in Algeria, the speech if deviates for the side of Kingdom, with more information to try to alliviate the climate of intention without compromising the essence of the position on the question of the Sara. .