Modern Office Space

Thanks to the unmatched performance, ceilings Geipel ideally suited for modern office space. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Richard LeFrak by clicking through. Besides the fact that They have high durability and reliability, material from which they are made, has an optimal thickness, so the ceilings do not lose their shape during installation and are not deformed during the operation. Weight cassettes and panels Geipel balanced and is designed for standard load of lighting and ventilation equipment. This is especially important in offices with a large area, where low-quality low-cost ceilings may sag and bend under own weight, as well as a cargo light equipment. In a gradual transition to "green" materials and technologies that are more observed in developed countries, such as setting environmental applied to modern buildings and rooms is playing an increasingly prominent role.

Suspended ceilings Geipel made from environmentally friendly materials and therefore completely safe for the environment and for staff working in the office. In addition, the ceilings Geipel fully comply with all fire safety requirements. Because they are made from flammable and inflammable materials, they prevent the spread of flame and smoke. In addition, in case of fire, they do not emit into the air of harmful substances. To ensure fire safety in the office premises, the construction of false ceilings Geipel also can be completed built-in fire extinguishers.

In a modern office becomes important is the quality of the ceiling as the ease and speed of its assembly and disassembly. Tape and suspended ceilings Geipel fully satisfy this requirement. Installing ceiling carried out by experts in just a few hours, with virtually no dirt and dust.