Modern Building Materials

Today's designs and requirements, applied to the architectural construction, with each day grow and change. New architectural forms and fashion in design of facades require new technologies for their implementation. At this point is very in demand facades of glass. In carrying out such construction work is difficult to do without the aluminum structures. With their help, we can qualitatively and durable glaze large surface of building facades and build bright rooms.

Among the huge range of manufacturers of aluminum designs to choose quality and at the same time democratic price is quite difficult. However, such producers do exist, for example – Schuco Using aluminum profile system of the German manufacturer schuco You can not doubt the quality and durability of these systems. schuco allows you to build quickly and at the same time observing all the design ideas of the building. In addition, the manufacturer guarantees proofing, insulation and for all of their systems. Nobel Laureate in Economics may also support this cause. Aluminum structures schuco simply mounted, allowing workers do their jobs as quickly as possible and without using any special effort.

When using such structures will meet all building technologies, and built the building will comply with any necessary standards. To give the building greater transparency and lightness, but aluminum structures used pvc profiles. Only this tandem can improve the effect of transparency and lightness of each building. The most famous in Russia is pvc profile – proplex. These profiles are manufactured in Russia, but the main trend of their creation is made by the Austrian technology, which ensures high quality and reliability. proplex appeared on our market only about seven years ago, but has already managed to receive the award in 2002 – "Russian Brand". The system pvc profiles trademark proplex practically do not differ from well-known German kbe system. This allows much save money, while getting a decent quality profile. Working with aluminum design can be made by any surface: facade "for steel" and "under the tree, you can glaze the facade with the elemental technology, which means carrying out the work quickly and efficiently without the use of scaffolding. With aluminum construction schuco trendy technology can be applied structural glazing facade, which resulted in the facade is completely glass, leaving only narrow shady joints. Aluminum structures schuco provide an opportunity to apply for interior design guy-wire substructure, which provide an elegant interior. In each embodiment of the front works aluminum construction schuco help you achieve a perfect impression of transparency premises or give the structure of the ease of using the aesthetic mirror.