Migration Problem

A long time ago that the migration to USA have become more frequent and more dangerous. In past years the ideology of migrants was the of back and forth to improve its economy, but return to live in his native country. Today most of these migrations are converted to permanent stays. These not only migration go accompanied of dreams, but the family, culture, way of life, and as some claim, if they can up with the parakeet cage. Migration today represents a very strong problem for society by all the dangers that this entails. Many people really have no idea of the crimes that may occur during this process. The problem of migration goes beyond the Act of going to live in another place. This decision, the reasons why people decide to migrate, they are only the beginning of a great torment, which have no idea that they will experience.

From the river that must be crossed, the wall that must be jumping, long roads that traverse supporting different climates and situations such as safari for women, cheating by coyotes, abuse the authorities committed against these persons among other things worse. All these situations that migrants have to cross go hand in hand with the quality of life in their country of origin. Though it may seem illogical, to migrate you need to have an optimum of poverty and need, since people in extreme poverty do not have enough capital to pay a band of migration, better known as polleros, so crossing them to another country. This price increase is due to the extreme safety that the American Government has placed at the borders. The violence to which these persons are subjected is inversely proportional to security and rights which should be received by the countries involved. Unfortunately, Mexico has become the world leader of migration. In my opinion, to break with this immigration epidemic, the Mexican Government should implement a plan to support people in poverty, contribute to the creation of new jobs through the investment companies both domestic and international, and above all increasing the security of the country. Original author and source of the article.