Mercedes Economy

… or like messing the chaos is based in the times of change comes it very much looking forward to, what you can from the mistakes of the past learned has. The eternal clinging to old-fashioned wisdom does not help and exacerbated the problems. What do Schiesser, Rosenthal and Marklin have in common? They are among the first prominent victims of the current crisis. Together with its employees, the directors, the shareholders and customers. Suppliers, lenders and lobby included.

What remains is a both more or less large hole in the patchwork of German economic policy. The examples are not the only prominent victims of stale economic management in indigenous lands. Many named after less known, but yet big suppliers of the automotive industry in particular are bankrupt and shut down. And whether the sizes of politics and business can wear tomorrow the fine thread of BOSS is in the stars. For the first time in German history Mercedes and BMW have assured themselves each other closely and experts assume that this year 35,000 companies are forever close its doors. Gloomy Outlook for a country that is yet self-confident has known as the inventor of the social market economy, export world champion and one of the richest countries. Anyone who now believes sole blame for the regression forecast and already taking place is the current crisis, which is wrong.

Many of the oh so suddenly emerging problems are homemade! This is disputed though loudly on the part of the policy, the facts, however, teach a better. If a State always makes the vital forces of a capitalist economy to the Pliant instrument of neo-liberal policies of the hodge-podge, astonished citizens must not be surprised, if the patchwork of German economy crumbles sometime. The current crisis is only the catalyst for a process that was so already doomed to fail.