Marianne Williamson

We all have dreams, and we all want to know how to manifest dreams. We had dreams since we were young and since then we have wanted to know how dreams are manifested. Live our dreams in our imagination. We were full of confidence and we were confident that one day our dreams will manifest themselves. However, unfortunately for most of us, everything ended when we grew up. Why? Because the world and all its instruments, including our parents and teachers told us that our dreams are not possible.

So we gave up on our dreams and follow the paths that were painted for us. Some became doctors, others became teachers and some others in different professions. However, there were those who were determined to manifest their dreams, were determined to achieve his goal. They defied the establishment and continued his passion. They became stars of the sport, musicians and other artists when we look at these people us They show something that is a key ingredient in learning how dreams can be put of manifest. They all have a passion for what they are doing. They have discovered what they like and they began to do so and found that you are really good at that. And people very soon others realized the value of being able to continue in the pursuit of dreams and goals, and they began to support them, hoping their games and movies and buying their music, etc.

There is something more that these people have and that we also had when we were young. It is the imagination. Their dreams, be imagined which is necessary if you want to know how dreams are made manifest. Imagination is very important to express dreams, because it allows to experience something before you actually have it. If you want to know how dreams can manifest should realize that all reality begins in the mind. The architect can not build a building if it is not designed. And something can not be designed if not it has seen in your mind. In the same way that may not manifest their dreams if you cannot see them in the first place. But seeing is not enough. They have to be tangible. You have to listen to it, feel it and touch it. The next thing needed is said with emotion, in the present or past. That, indeed, it is so. Another thing that is necessary if you want to know how dreams are manifested, is to listen to yourself and follow your instincts. That small voice within his who can tell you to go left when everyone shouts, go right! As a result of their dreams it seems daunting, especially if you are surrounded by negative people. However, if you relinquish your dream can end his life with regrets. Is it not better to see where can reach. Where can end? In the event that you are thinking that you want to be big and famous, let me recall the famous words of Marianne Williamson. Who art thou, not only to be bright, beautiful, talented, fabulous? Now you know how dreams are manifested, not you have an excuse to not express their own and reach the goal.