Manager Andrea Hertle

A review of organic catering ‘Select Catering Berlin’ Finger food is becoming increasingly popular, but it remains an art, also easy to eat many of the creations, especially if portions are too big. Product Scout Manuel because Silva select catering Berlin knows the problem: First can remedy is already the kitchen, using stable documents such as dough boat or Tarteletts. But the market keeps surprising with new inventive solutions. “A pretty funny idea from America solves the problem in a playful way. The waiter placed the finger food that moves as usual even with large trays through the space (the new German term for this: flying buffet), on a small party plate, a small ring is mounted on the underside of the plate. The ring is quickly stripped over the fingers and is populated by the service on a regular basis just over and over again. Key disposable de-luxe of the problem takes on more traditional ways.

Thanks to ergonomic quality and elegant design is that tactile finger food Dish a perfect lunch, cocktail, or just finger food menu. Stability also light weight advantages are (both empty and filled). The key products are through patented by Bardolet & co already in over 30 countries, which is not surprising when you know that Bardolet among others is the equipment supplier of the El Bulli by Ferran Adria. The only downside is the disposable usability of the touch series. Select catering Berlin as organic caterer with organic claims but quickly found on the search for alternatives. The edible grain shell “Fullett” from Dresden there are in various sizes for self filling. “Just for salads in the lunch area a great idea”, kitchen Manager Andrea Hertle finds. The shells baked from rye record even hot soups and can totally eat up crisp concluded. “Surprises the guest, protects the environment, saves the service some work and the kitchen washing the dishes. Select catering Berlin anyway, finds for the rye cups of many use.