Majorca Property

In his already for the first time expanded to history the building dates from distant 1992, a timid geranium gives life to one of the balconies of the ghost property that dominates the corner of the round of Sant Pau with the street of the Flors, in the Raval. The building has been archifamoso in the district because he has remained virgin, with the poster of stop floors estanding for sale from its construction, for already 18 years, to does a little more a month, when a group of young people okupas about 20, according to the neighbors, burst in into the place with the intention to remain. Since then, the five opulent houses of 200 meters squared, with three baths, finished of luxury and without releasing, to ladito of the tube station of Parallel, has, finally neighboring, although they are not indeed those that the property of the mysterious building had wished. Besides my personal opinion on the phenomenon okupa, in principle, as retailers do not affect to us. During day, that is when we are here, we almost do not see them. If it is sunny they leave to the balcony, with the dogs, that yes, but nothing else. Speech Csar Nez, ordered of one sastrera to little meters of the property in Majorca.

Its opinion more or less is generalized in the district, with the pertinent exceptions. Although, taking a walk by the zone, it is easy to verify that the neighbors are much more intrigued in the mysteries that surround to the property, that in the presence of intruders. That block supposes an authentic incognito for them and takes to years winning conversations in the neighbourhood. Theories on the reasons by which never a single floor was sold there are them for all the pleasures. Some tell that it is because they do not have license of first occupation to the salary committed irregularities during his construction, omitting and not informing into the presence of archaeological rest in the subsoil.