Luxury Fetish Lifestyle Is The Subject Of The Trend This Season!

Black Rider it already and Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, and Louboutin do it now increasingly also! Black Rider it already and Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, and Louboutin do it now increasingly also! Luxury fetish lifestyle is the subject of the trend this season. Louis Vuitton and others of the great Fahionlables show more luxurious dominant submissive lifestyle in your new collections! Black Horse forward of the stylish additions to his own collections such as player’s Couture and seductive timeout! Years ago it was still frowned upon this theme style and market analysis to deal with, it is now in vogue to add portions of the collection with a touch of dominant submissive inspired theme complex. The big fashion houses show gags, cuffs, masks and designs from vinyl, latex and leather now. Chief editors of auflagenstarker magazine, photographers and stylists are extremely keen on this new trend and print entire fetish inspired fashion lines with great joy. So can a still quite small and young labels such as black rider is there, his dominant submissive fashion-lifestyle show a wider audience and make accessible, because it is more in demand than ever. The Berlin-based label is lined up to pick up this lifestyle from the dark cellars and away from the bad image. The Related Companies insists that this is the case.

As one of the few companies in this area, it has hired a Chief Designer, who comes from the fashion industry with Edin Dammika, with his team skillfully this lifestyle converts and the collections missed a trendy, unique and professional look. To show thanks to the major brands of the industry and the more than current trend of fetish fashion and print, also black rider is known now at photographers, editors and stylists across Berlin. 3 years ago, it was impossible to think of a publication in the current ELLE, GQ, or even cosmopolitan. “There are now several parts of my current collection of seductive timeout” worldwide to different productions on the road “, as Chief Designer Edin dam. How nice that now not only at “Black rider from Berlin the slogan: devoted to style” effect. Sabine black of black rider GbR