Kiev Housing Market

The housing market in Kiev finally felt the traditional autumn revival. True, it is not the same as in the past year. More recently in the capital market real estate sleepy silence reigned. Experts estimate that the number of transactions compared to the winter period fell 4 times, if not more. For many real estate agents fell on difficult time, as market confidence sank into estivation. For the first time in several years housing prices not only stopped in their rapid growth, but also sometimes even staggered backwards. Thus, according to statistics from September 2006 to June 2007 average price in Kiev on 1 m2 of total area has increased from 27 to 89 or 29%.

And in July, had already dropped 75. However, in August, prices began to slowly win back lost ground, though activity in the market has hardly been felt. Real Estate Agency Realtor Online Groop conducts own research on the real estate market in Kiev and experts stating a fact revive demand for residential property that, accordingly, may lead to a slight increase in prices in the secondary market. According to Director of the Academy of Sciences "Optimum Plus Yuri Bazelinskogo, enlivened market states over the past 2-3 weeks. Most noticeably it is on the secondary market of residential real estate, primarily in regard to low-cost apartments. Expensive as real estate has almost "worth it".

Perhaps because potential buyers are waiting for election results. As noted by the executive director of the group companies 'Obolon Planet', chairman of market analysis at the Association of Realtors (Realtors) Ukraine Alexey , this autumn revival can not be compared with last year: if this was hype, but now it is not. Does not look like what is happening now and what was promised this summer, some stagnant construction companies, urging quick to invest in construction "has not yet risen in price." On the other hand – and expected by many market failure, too, apparently, has not taken place. Least because there is a noticeable increase the number of transactions. According to Yuri Bazelinskogo, transactions are now two times more frequently than in summer. But about two times less frequently than last fall. Prices after years of stagnation began to gradually return to the spring level. By individual segments of the property in September, they rose by 3.2%. In general, according to the information-analytical department of company "Planet Obolon, the index of housing costs in Kiev to 24/09/2007 totaled $ 2,468 / m2 or 0,3% more relative to last week. In August, the index stood at 2,447 $ / m2 or 0,5% more than in July. How the market will behave in the future, hard to judge. Yuri Bazelinsky suggests that year-end prices can be up to 10%. However, the market remains weak forecast. At the very least – to clarify the election results.