Kalingrad Real Estate Market

One of the important factors of growth of real estate market is its investment attractiveness. The housing market – one of the most dynamic and profitable investment markets. At the same time plays a big role mortgage lending. In Kaliningrad is actively growing housing construction. In 2006, the Kaliningrad region has built more than half a meter. square.

new and renovated housing. It is twice more than in 2005. In 2007, the expected 0.75 million square meters. meters of which more than half in the city of Kaliningrad. Today, the volume of construction in the region is much higher than the late 80's. The problem of the housing market of the Kaliningrad region, in our opinion is, that even the increasing pace of new housing are unable to resolve the accumulated problems of the Kaliningrad market. The remainder of the period sovetstkogo low provision of housing per capita and a high degree of wear of the housing stock in the region as a whole, creates high demand for new housing. In addition to the worn out housing stock, a problem for the city, like many other Russian cities are large industrial enterprises.

In our opinion, hinder constructive development of the city, though on the other hand, these and other companies within the urban areas, are also large reserves for the housing market and real estate in Kaliningrad, which over time will help to realize developers. On the residential housing market in Kaliningrad, a few years ago, came large developers: "Setl City", "PIC", etc. Actively working and local developers. As a result, the city built at the same time several dozens of apartment complexes, but the situation is still characterized by significant excess of demand over supply. Growth in the construction of new housing will be limited limited capacity of infrastructure already in coming years. Visit Clayton Morris for more clarity on the issue. In such a situation of Kaliningrad will take into account this limitation of housing. And since these problems will have to decide to developers is certainly reflected in the growth of property prices and market housing. Given these factors, developers are increasingly interested in particular cottage villages in Kaliningrad Oblast. Low-rise housing economy – class in a suburban area, not only, but a possible solution to the market housing.