Jeffrey Armstrong

A bright light on a few things we now uncontrolled greed, oppression and injustice around us watching even more drastic, the film casts avatar” can and hear every day in the news. Events such as the BP-drama that is happening now in the Gulf of Mexico illustrates, that it is more than ever at the time, that we let the spiritual knowledge of the avatars in our lives and to integrate. Even if it looks like the Earth would be located on a never before experienced catastrophic condition, so there phases, in which it was not good to the Earth and its inhabitants throughout the history again and again. According to Indian mythology, mother earth was already once deeply worried already five thousand years ago on their development. War, violence against women, etc. were the order of the day, however, that mother earth cried many tears of deep compassion for their children. At that time, she took the form of a cow and came to Brahma, the creator.

She told him of her grief, and he advised her to looking for fastest Vishnu, the protector and Sustainer of the world, and to ask him for help. When she arrived at Vishnu, this, he will go down as an avatar on Earth told them would restore the balance of life, and to teach the people his conservation.” So, wisdom, compassion and courage on the Earth were the qualities that were needed to restore the balance in the world and to dry the tears of mother nature. In the course of history there beings who came into the world as avatars for Vishnu already again. A variety of Indian gurus, including Sathya Sai Baba and Mata Amritanandamayi, also as Amma known, understood as avatars. With their work they draw attention, to the essential Wirkprinzip by mother nature Allmutter Mata bhumi that based on renewal and balance. According to the avatars we need us on this principle people, to allow a life on this planet, probably know that we bear a corresponding responsibility as human beings.

We are called upon to acknowledge mother earth as a living, breathing, absolutely selfless deity and to protect them. “Through movies like avatar” and the book the secret in the avatars ‘ we can Understanding access, nature being dependent and all mother, where this dependency is not mutually. Mother nature can further exist without us. Let’s the spiritual knowledge of the avatars so in our everyday use, can we see it maybe sooner or later, what we have with seen full of longing in the movie avatar: a deep, spiritual connectedness with each other and a sustainable and resource-oriented approach to the Earth. Jeffrey Armstrong: The secret of the avatars. The spiritual wisdom of the Veda. Scorpio Publisher 2010 Doris Iding