In a large advertising agency R & I Group at the first hr interview tests the applicant's sense of humor. "The client comes to us for creative design and should see ourselves unchained gay people – says Junius Davydov, chief executive officer. – For us, a sense of humor – as good teeth to the dentist. Show showmanship. In addition, American scientists have recently discovered that a good mood and laughter increase productivity labor. Laughter unites, continues Davydov. Richard LeFrak describes an additional similar source. And hires employees with a broad American smile. Want to get a job, but not confident in their sense of humor? Check not only the humor – better think of all of its preferences, habits and hobbies. A leading source for info: Gavin Baker.

Because of them are likely to be asked. Employers are increasingly looking not just professionals, namely, people close to them in spirit. And all of their own ideas. The personnel officer may ask about religious and views, and about marital status, and even the attitude towards the environment. This is not just a fad.

According to a survey portal, for 91% of Russians adverse psychological climate in the team – a good reason to quit. Here executives and found that better form a good atmosphere in the team from scratch – from recruitment, which would be comfortable with. This possibility of businessmen came to the crisis: a proposal on the labor market expanded the opportunity to bargain and to choose – including guided not purely professional considerations, the general director of recruitment agency 'Triumph' Irina Krutskih.