Information Site Of The City Of Kolomna

The information website for the town of Kolomna – a site that visitors and residents a hand in search of information of interest. portal dedicated to both historic and modern city, as well as resting places, bars Kolomna restaurants, clubs, fitness rooms, hotels in the city. User-friendly interface detailed map of Kolomna help you in finding the right place. Map of Kolomna is equipped with various functions such as: increasing the houses, satellite imagery and markers that point to her school. If you are a guest of the city and have no idea where that is, for some locations, you have no contact phone number that you require organizations, shops, cinemas Kolomna. All this you can Look at our website.

We will also assist you in submitting ads in Kolomna. Our free classified ads do not require registration, will be charged and beautiful to use. If you need to buy real estate in Kolomna cottage, land, car, livestock or to sell your product, service, we will help you with this. Kolomna – it's fast-paced modern city with a large number of industries, making it one of the most economically prosperous cities in the Moscow region. The city is also historically wealthy.

The great number of architectural monuments, cultural attractions and attracts a lot of Kolomna tourists from different corners of Russia and abroad. In this regard, many important rooms in hotels vyiskivanie g Kolomna. Kolomna Hotels are known for all the suburbs to its remarkable service, style and value. Different number of rooms allows you to inhabit a rich, and people who do not want to spend a lot of finance at the number and want to come off great in the clubs of Kolomna, cafes and restaurants. People who do not exactly breathe a gym and can not be a day without it can go to great number of sports halls, gyms of the city, as well as sections (yoga, step, dance Kolomna, aerobics, swimming pool, massage). Kolomna eminent institutions such as a nightclub 'portal' club 'Plasma', dj bar 'Hints' cafe 'Bliss', a cafe 'Wasabi' cafe 'City'. Major role in such a large number of visitors the city has played erected in 2006 'Kolomna skating center' which in 2008 was the European Championship. Fans skydiving come from all over and cities in order to enjoy and get pleasure from them jumps offered Aerograd Kolomna. Our site will help you to deal with passing on the transport of the city. We offer you a bus schedule Kolomna, trains and famous trams.