Housing Problem

I live alone, separated from family and fans for a whole year. Our family wonderfully lucky – the housing problem we have successfully resolved. And my mom and grandmother, and even grandparents live separately. We – four single women, walking, rather, living on their own And we like it! I am often asked whether I live alone in an empty apartment? I replied that, no, not at all. I've always lived with someone, I even have my room was not. There was a time when we had to share one bed with her mother.

There was a time when we had to share one room with two relatives and three rather large pets. How fortunate that it was the best of times! Mom for a year separate from my life has blossomed, prettier, younger by 10 years. Grandma looks great, works hard and is surrounded by fans. Grandparents recently celebrated an anniversary, which said that lived a very interesting life, and nothing would it not me We are very different, with four generations of poorly compatible temperaments and ideas about life, love each other so we are much better at a distance sounds a bit cynical, but, in my opinion, nothing is more important psychological comfort in the family, which is constant bickering on the theme "I had better know how to!" did not achieved. Of course, life, lonely, and even in their living space, not cotton candy, and not all of it so well, as I would like.