Housing Move Income

Given the lack of interest and penalties for early repayment (similar to a mortgage bank), by program "Housing move 'is this all much faster. Distinct advantage gives a clear and reliable mechanism for the functioning of the transaction. In the program "Housing move 'ruled out precedents of insolvency of customers who are in the banks is usually attributed to unscrupulous borrowers. In the Programme "Housing move 'income is formed due to income from rental real estate acquired by the participants program. Rent is always relevant and can serve as collateral for any length of time, regardless of the financial position of Buyer. Therefore, interest on payments for providing the shoulder does not fall on the buyer. Through that the program "Housing move 'no fines and penalties for late payments.

People are very afraid of mortgages primarily because of this. Who knows what's coming tomorrow? Get sick, lose their jobs, and more. In the case of a mortgage insolvent clients does not secured (not protected) and the chain drags everyone. Thus, the program "Housing move" does not need to verify the solvency of the Buyer, which enables avoid the requirements of banks to provide various information, proof of income, the presence of guarantors, etc. In addition, banks do not have to pay for making the mortgage agreement, the mandatory life insurance Notary services and so on. Until the full calculation of the Buyer does not live in an apartment, but an opportunity not to pay any interest and commissions on credit provided by the shoulder and takes his own decision on the size of payments and the timing of its return, without any penalties for late payment.