GmbH Lisa Neumann

Reluctant to leave what seniors and families should make most people feel most comfortable in their own homes and would this familiar environment. Several pitfalls must be eliminated for an age-appropriate design of the apartment. The news portal explains which areas are to be observed. Everyone wants to live like at home, but this is not always the best decision in the age without the proper preparations and can damage the health. With the appropriate devices, but relatively fast senior meet remodeling is a home. Particularly falls pose great dangers and can lead to brain bleeding and the dreaded fracture. Already, the edge of a carpet or a confusing threshold can be triggers. To avoid accidents, such places should be removed as best as possible.

In addition, it is always to ensure good lighting. In the bathroom, respective handrails, should the toilet and the bath which the mobility facilitate and provide more security, are attached. Still, seniors should find all the items that you use everyday, at chest height to avoid bending and routes. This can cause dizziness and falling just in cardiovascular problems. Also a fluid intake of at least one and a half litres is recommended to prevent such problems every day. A CAREPHONE is particularly useful for those in care. It is a kind of wrist watch which alarm can be triggered in the event of a fall. Who want to let professional advice concerning the necessary tags, can take a housing advice and subsequently apply for financial support for the necessary changes to the nursing Office.