Free Stop Teacher Education

The knowledge produced in schools and educational links that are determined networks of power generators. This is how teachers are victims of a system that leads them to play each day the same social and cultural structures in which poor children stay poor. Teachers act as pawns of the system conditioned and structure their classes as directed by the teaching of time.The teachers were trained to copy created by teachers teaching recognized in the educational system of each country, not been allowed to create their own strategies teaching or have been taught to rely on training ellas.Los declaim about these innovative strategies, but when teaching and evaluating are not the ones that prevail but any person entering a room you can see there since long time nothing changes. Everything is repetitive and stale repetitive scheme. Teachers know, or at least what they sense.

They also know how much more would produce if dared to do in the classroom those things that speak on a daily basis, but trapped in old educational structures and weakened the will, act as mere copyists of teaching others. The disappointment tinged his deepest feelings and pass on their burden to children and adolescents, which unbelievers in the system to attending daily, are expressed in aggressive attacks against teachers and against themselves. Is that when boredom and apathy in the classroom born lawlessness takes over the company.It teachers with their students, are victims of a system that deconocido freedoms of teaching management in line with social realities, time, space , times, beliefs, opportunities and personal characteristics and collective allylic groups. Silence takes over all the spaces in which teachers should make their voices heard. Callan with the silence of those who do not feel listened to have stopped talking and reiterate again and again teaching those formulas recommended by "experts" in a society of children and young people claiming for a different style and a more authentic and natural, spontaneous and free. Teachers are not free to teach. It is the inherent lack of freedom, which stems from the profound vocation training and aware of the identity of the child and the teacher. This freedom is always spontaneous and creative differentiated solutions for solving the old problems of society.