France Water

Cananea Destinies of Sonant the municipality is nailed in the North part of the State of Sonant, its municipal head is the population of Cananea and is contiguous to the north with the United States, to the south with Arizpe, the east with Naco and Bacoachi and to the Imuris west and Santa Cruz. It owns a surface of 4.141,1 kilometers square and average of 1.625 meters is placed in a height on the level of the sea. Main Attractive Tourist Cananea is a practically virgin zone, counts on attractive historical, cultural, technological and natural and day with day increases its services to offer to the greater comfort and pleasant stay to its visitors. Some sites of interest are: Green house constructed by Colonel William C. Green, founder of the company Cananea Consolidated Cooper Company with national and imported materials of France and the United States. At the moment Guillermo Haro works like house of guests by the observatory. Farm Colorado Hill located on the route of the Sonora River, is a property equipped for the rustic and cinegetic tourism. Eye Arvayo Water with origin in the Sonora River is the main supplier of water in Cananea and the mining industry.

It is the starting of a precious one and interesting stroll by causes of the river, in which beautiful landscapes, water obstacles and abundant vegetation can be admired. Mexican of Cananea mine of great tradition that initiates operations in 1860. The mineral obtained in this enclosure is the copper. Account with the most modern processes of existing extractions in the Mexican Republic. In her visits guided for scholastic and tourist groups are realised. Museum of Working Lucha very well-known and recognized construction like the Jail of Cananea, in her was prisoners the workers who gave beginning and headed the 1906 movement, today reason for great pride for the community.