Floor Coverings In Interior Design

The modern interior is inconceivable without good sex. Ideally, the feet have a warm, practical coverage, which also emphasizes the overall design concept. Therefore, no repair in the new apartment will not be without it selection and installation. When choosing a floor covering in the development, in the first place should be based on its functionality. It is worth paying attention to characteristics such as sound insulation, heat transfer, durability and moisture.

Quality material with good sound insulation will minimize the sounds that could disturb the neighbors downstairs. The interior of this floor you will move almost silently, He also will delay the sound from loud conversation, the tv, and music. Parameter heat will affect how warm will the floor, whether it is possible for him to walk barefoot, crawling baby. Parameter wear coating chosen for places terrain: a corridor, hallway, kitchen. Parameter of moisture is important in areas with high humidity and in the hallway where you walk after the street in a dirty and sometimes wet shoes. Such coating should not be afraid of any spilled water on it or high humidity.

Before any repairs should mark on the plan design, interior design flat trajectory of family members. This will help identify the most parts subject to wear. Typically, these include the flooring in hallways, corridors and kitchen area along the cooking. In such areas need coverage, particularly resistant to abrasion. It is also necessary to take into account the existence of domestic animals. Must identify where it will run the way a dog while you are driving her to the bathroom to wash the feet after walking in the rain. It is worth paying attention to the joints of different flooring, such as between the tile and parquet or solid wood. If possible, avoid using the T-shaped nut. Better placed at the junction of cork transition, pre-colored floor. Cracking and desiccation parquet or solid wood – normal for a natural material phenomenon associated with changes in temperature and humidity. Cork transition at the same time play the role of the compensator. In our projects we try to use materials such as parquet and solid wood, laminate, ceramic tile, porcelain tile and microcement. Therefore, in a series of articles on flooring, we will consider their advantages, disadvantages and some particular installation.