Fishman Group

A shopping area in the region already filled to 97%, their deficit is about 300 thousand square meters. m. share of shopping centers in the total supply retail space for lease is only 14%. This year, in Saratov, will be put into operation 4 malls – in particular, the shopping center “MEGA” (120 thousand square meters. M) and sec City Mall (14,700 square meters. M).

Also this year, the maximum expected in the last few years the volume of input of retail space (89,250 square meters. m), which is 5 times higher than in 2006. On plans to begin construction of the shopping center this year said the company Metro, ikea, Fishman Group. Shop Fishman Group will cover 4000-6000 square. m with a range of 35 000 names, likely will focus not on building materials, and on household goods. Top of diy means Do it yourself (DIY). Opening is planned for late 2007 classify as a shopping mall may be the shopping center “Forum” Gallery “Chestnut,” tc “Volga”.

tc “Aurora”, which was launched in December 2005, considered the first modern shopping center the European level, however, according to independent experts, and his concept is not without some errors. And in early next year in Saratov on the area of ‘s plan to open mall “Skyscraper,” an area of 57,685 square meters. m and parking for 2,000 m / m. Rental rate it will be from $ 400 up to 1800. In January 2007, dvi Investment Group has opened a , shopping and entertainment complex “Capital”.