Felipe Brihuega

According to the organic law of the disciplinary regime of the national police, the punishment which can be imposed for serious misconduct is the suspension of functions from five days to three months. The initiation of the dossier represents the beginning of a procedure that includes decision of Declaration of the agents investigated and the practice of any other test that is considered necessary, after which the designated trainer will formulate the corresponding statement of objections. In it, and if you appreciate disciplinary infractions, will reflect all and each one of the punishable facts, with its possible legal qualification as well as sanctions that may apply, as it collects the aforementioned disciplinary regime. The expedientado will then have ten days to reply and propose to turn the practice tests. There were people who were He overreached with the riot police, the general Secretary of the Unified Trade Union of policemen (SUP), Felipe Brihuega, said that it considered that the Ministry of the Interior has given in to media pressure and added that there were also people who overreached with agents. In his opinion, it is not justifiable, but it is understandable that at any given time there have been agents that have been able to exceed as a result of having been subjected to insults, humiliation, spitting, etc. The police also have videos of people who overstep the bounds with agents. It spits them or be mea them, has secured Brihuega, at the time you ordered that those images are also removed and has asked why to pressure media not defends the policemen in another way.

They want to stifle public opinion, it has been claimed. The representative of the SUP has concluded by pointing out that the Ministry of the Interior this topic has gone hands, and before the media pressure, this is what has happened to him. For his part, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Confederation Espanola de police (CEP), Lorenzo Nebrera, said Interior has made a cowardly decision and has put at the disposal of the police the judicial Cabinet of the syndicated. How easy is what has made the police has instances of the Ministry and the PSOE, which is who this witch hunt has begun, said Nebrera, which has been described as surprising this decision after three months in which is has been violating the law on Assembly and demonstration in the streets of Madrid.The delegation of the Government has enabled they vejen, provoke and even false complaints against officers, said the Union representative, has lamented that the authorization for the passage of the secular March through the Puerta del Sol finished translating this decision. Source of the news: Expedientan to three riot police by “overreach” in police charges after secular