Facades and Decoration

Brackets and rails are attached to a building wall plugs. Plate heater is inserted into the guide so that the brackets are held between the plates of insulation material along the seams. Facing decorative protective plate attached to the brackets with slats. The length of the bracket provides free ventilation space between insulation and decorative tiles (itself facing plate has a low water vapor permeability). The advantage of this system is that its installation can be carried out at negative temperatures. However, the system has limitations in use for buildings with complex architecture, as well as in cases when you need an exact reproduction of the original appearance of the facade: the reconstruction of old buildings, historic monuments. In a typical project can not yet widely used due to its high cost.

Multilayered system of 'wet' type is the most universal and applicable in many European countries as basic system of the insulation of facades. For example, we can say that in Germany alone during 1996, the system has been used on more than 43 million square meters. m. At present, there is adhesive and reinforcement convoys allow to carry out works to a temperature of -22 deg. C, and the system actually has only one drawback: application of protective and decorative layer may be at or below 5 degrees. C. However, the use of protective heat shield and eliminates this restriction. The system of 'wet' type is easy to install. Its components are deposited on the wall of the building is insulated layers.