European Climatic Conditions

– For climatic conditions, such as the northern regions are optimum windows based five-chamber profile with a mounting depth of 70 mm. These designs allow you to save up to 25% more heat than systems 58 mm. Besides, with them possible to install larger glass ". Another important area of energy efficiency is the reconstruction of housing and heating engineering systems of residential buildings. "The current state of the centralized Heat does not allow the user to adjust the amount of the resulting heat.

In serious need of upgrading obsolete equipment boilers and heating units are worn out pipelines – emphasizes Konstantin , director of thermal automatics Danfoss in Russia (the world's leading manufacturer of energy efficient equipment for heating and heating of buildings). – homes will residents save on heating 30-40%. " So, on the agenda of public utilities – the empowerment of heat regulation and organization of accounting of its consumption. "The introduction of universal energy accounting and payment for it on the fact consumption should encourage consumers to use solutions that help reduce costs – says Edward Lissitzky, head of investment and capital construction "TGC-1". – Installation of account leads to a fundamental change in consumer attitudes toward energy conservation. " The first pilot projects for reconstruction of heating systems, conducted a few years ago in Moscow, Penza, Dubna, Saransk and other Russian cities, have brought demonstrable results! According to the monitoring, energy savings due to installation of the substation and balancing valves is an average of 20-25%. In addition, installing thermostats and appliances Individual accountability helps consumers save on utility charges up to 15-20% on average for an apartment. As a result, the amount of savings per apartment up to 2-2,5 thousand rubles.

per year. Enlightened Europe generously shared invaluable experiences and energy-saving technologies that are needed in Russia. It is only necessary that we are willing to accept and bring them to life in our country. For this, a little to improve legislation and to introduce strict rules on energy saving and thermal protection of buildings. Changes must relate to our relationship to energy savings. When every Russian will become obvious that the savings joule of heat – is an extra penny in his pocket then and we have begin to form a truly civilized power. Press Service of the Group PROPLEKS