EUR Germany

Stefan Helmbrecht: The real estate transaction volume 2011 in Germany amounted to EUR 165 billion of real estate market in Germany is booming. The transaction volume of residential and commercial real estate in Germany have risen 2011 compared to 13.1 percent to 165,84 billion euros. An extrapolation of the IVD real estate Association on the basis of the acquisition of real estate tax revenue collected by the Federal Ministry of finance comes to this result. Real estate is a sound investment. Many domestic and foreign investors looking for a safe investment.

Low interest rates, affordable prices, and in many places rising rents were good conditions, now in the market to get, advises the IVD. It can only underline Stefan Helmbrecht. Stefan Helmbrecht founded a real estate development company based in Mannheim, Germany in 1996 and focused on the purchase, rehabilitation and revitalization of Monument-protected Grunderzeit houses in different locations of in Germany. Within a few years one evolved the it strongest and most prestigious Real estate companies in Germany in the listed real estate sector. Were completed by today 152 monument objects with a number of 1897 condos and passed to investors and their tenants or owner-occupiers. The realised by Stefan Helmbrecht and projected total investment volume amounted to 242.000.000 million euro so far.

Real estate are currency independent, crisis-proof and safe inflation. Renovated monument real estate one can assert also substantial tax reductions. “So always worth investing in an architectural monument and always under several aspects”, so Stefan Helmbrecht. Strongest rise in Hesse and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Hesse has the strongest sales growth under the West German Lander according to IVD with a turnover growth of 29.53 percent to 14.81 billion euros. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the sales growth even amounted to 33,53%, which has to do with holiday homes. There was also significant growth (+ 25,60%) and Berlin (+ 23,05%) in Saxony, Germany.