Energy-saving Lamps For Lighting In Your Apartment

Energy-saving lamps are widely known throughout the world. Their benefits have already been said quite a few words. Most customers heard about the criteria for selection of these lamps. Most often when you buy they are guided by their thickness. Often you can hear is an opinion that if we divide the power of incandescent bulbs for five then obtain the required power for lighting energy-saving lamps. In other words, 20-watt energy-saving lamps will replace 100-watt ordinary. This The Council meets frequently. But careful consumer should think! After all, the power light bulb consumes and produces something something else.

And in fact, any bulb produces, of course, light! This light can be measured and expressed in special units – lumens. For example – the light output of incandescent lamps with 100 watts is about 1000 lumens. What is the light output of energy-saving lamps? Achieve luminosity, similar to 100-watt lamp bulbs, you can use energy-saving bulbs is approximately 20-25 Tues However, the direct relationship between electricity consumption and the luminosity is not what to consider when shopping. So from what does the light output energy-saving lamps? On the inner walls of the gas discharge tube caused fluorescent compound by which energy-saving lamp and emits visible light eye. On this basis, we can make the obvious conclusion. Large surface of the bulb will produce and more light! Luminosity of some lamps close to two thousand lumens! The first energy-saving lamps were much more traditional tungsten bulbs. Now their size equalized, but can be traced further tendency to decrease. So, before you make your choice in favor of the bulbs are small, think about it. Because of their light output at the same nominal power will be lower. In addition to this, miniature lamps harder to produce, but because they are more expensive and less reliable. Given all the above information, you can get when buying energy-saving bulbs use more for less money.