Its purpose is to achieve greater self-understanding and get to the roots of emotional and psychosomatic problems. The word suggests overcoming fragmentation internal as well as the sense of separation between the individual and the environment. By rapid breathing and evocative music activate the psyche and into a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This state has the amazing ability to select and bring to consciousness unconscious contents that have a strong emotional charge.

Therefore, it has a great psychological importance, we can revive or connect not only with biographical material (from the moment of birth to present) as is normally done in traditional psychotherapy also have access to everything related to birth (perinatal matrices), as well as experiences that are beyond our ordinary consciousness (trans-personal). It has been discovered that activation of the psyche starts spontaneous healing processes governed by a profound wisdom organismic. The results, to continue the process, are surprising, to a clinical level releases are depression, phobias, asthma, high tension, a quickly, sometimes within a few sessions. The connection, the experience of this inner power, the absence of guilt, and being open to the spiritual dimension that goes beyond the body and ego, makes us feel a deep self-confidence.