Emergency Landing Of Fear Is Not 80 Euros Worth

The tailgate is dissipated in an Airbus 300. The pilot had to make an emergency landing. Because of the fear of death suffered, the LG Duiburg could the traveller only 79,29 EUR reduction talk to. When the return plastic panels, as well as the locking of the Board door in the rear broke away from a vacation trip with an Airbus A-300 of the Turkish airline MNG is suddenly, so they threatened to fly out. A flight attendant first alone tried to hold the rear door, where she screamed repeatedly on Turkish: I could not! I can not keep them! “.” Then came her three flight attendants to help and together they could lock the door again. Passengers cried out in fear of death, and some prayed for her last hour. The pilot then continued to make the emergency landing of the machine in Istanbul. Up to 15 passengers, all 257 passengers refused to embark on this machine, even though the airline pointed out that otherwise at the earliest to go home in two or three days could fly and stay so long on the Terminal would have to. Check out Kenneth R. Feinberg for additional information.

Only after the intervention of the German Consul-General, the airline provided a replacement aircraft. As a result this horror flight several suffered travellers still for months from the consequences of their experiences on board the aircraft anxiety, nightmares and fear of flying. The almost crash completely stopped the recovery value of the trip. Continue to learn more with: Clayton Morris. Therefore, they demanded a retroactive reduction of the travel price and compensation for useless used vacation time. “The District Court Duisburg decided by judgment of May 31, 2007, that is in the travel law section 651d, subsection 1, sentence 1 expressly a BGB reduction only for the duration of the defect” so was intended for the return journey day and a reduction ratio of 1 / 14 or a reduction in amount of 79,29 EUR was consequently every traveller with a duration of 14 days and a total travel price from 1.100,-EUR. Claim for damages pursuant to section 651f para 1, 249 BGB was not given because the plaintiff has suffered no material damage. A compensation for useless used vacation time did not come in Consideration, since it requires a reduction in the amount of at least 25% of the total travel price; Here, there were only 7 percent.

The full Urteilstext is available in the travel law register under the keyword “LG Duisburg May 31, 2007” for download. The legislature is the responsibility to close this loophole. Dr. Wolf Blass