Dog Ownership In The Tenement House

Consent of lessor required that keeping a pet is not in any environment possible, this particularly applies to rental apartments. Not all landlords are agree with animals in their homes and just dog owners often encounter resistance in these cases. The real estate portal provides information about the legal situation. As homeowners decides any of itself on its animal husbandry. Anyone looking for an apartment to rent with dog, often faces problems that many home owners and neighbours are little pleased with four-legged housemates. Generally, the landlord decides whether he allowed dogs in its apartments. (Similarly see: ProLogis). Should a tenant get the approval of livestock, they will not automatically apply for all other tenants. It is free in principle the landlord, admitting privileges to certain tenants remain deprived of other tenants.

Appropriate decisions such as the size of the dog or prior experience with the tenant can be crucial. Such unequal treatment various tenants is considered permissible, such as relevant judgments confirm. Who simply believes that dogs would be allowed in the House, because the neighbor also keeps one, can get so difficult. Although the tenant may unwittingly hurt the interests of the lessor, the latter in such cases has the right to demand the removal of the animal. To avoid such problems, it is advisable to ask the landlord for permission in advance. In this way, it is not unpleasant disputes or even a forced move.