Denim Style Interior

Ubiquitous denim entered last, and the interiors! And, as always, triumphantly, creating a fashionable trend – denim style in the interior. Strictly speaking, denim interior – this is not entirely new, but still original. Denim – a strong, quality fabric, so its a long time and very successfully used for decoration and upholstery. And recently, when the design world reigns individual style, are particularly valuable opportunities denim and simulations for expression. Designers are attracted to the topic of denim as color and texture.

Hue you can choose the one you like more: from the saturated indigo-blue to bluish to whitish hue. The only important thing to remember that a large number of Saturated shades of blue visually reduce the room, and light – expand. Texture beloved by many denim played up in different ways, depending on the type of material. The fabric can be complementary to the characteristic elements of simulated seams, buttons, zipper, pockets and other attributes of the jeans, paint – primed and 'divorce' Most denim style used in interior design teen rooms. And many Adolescent girls who are sickeningly pall style Barbie, not less, than their peers who prefer jeans style interior. The degree of stylization of the interior one chooses himself.

First, you can decorate the entire room in denim style. Materials that simulate denim, now a lot. For walls – paper, vinyl and non-woven wallpaper or self-adhesive film under jeans. You can even create their own hands denim texture on the walls. For sex – appropriate carpet or laminate blue or blue-gray color. Secondly, we can restrict some spectacular objects. In this case, it is desirable to deliberately refer to their neighborhood with the rest of the decor. In denim style is most often carried out padding and covers for chairs and sofas, the seats of the chairs, curtains and carpets, bedding, decorations for the table, as well as various fines, emphasizing style. Source: Stylish Interiors