Decorating a Room

A young one cheers and self-assured and a room to decorate. If you are in a situation in which she does not know how to begin the decoration of the room of its son, style MGP-art can be a very good option. With this style it will manage to acclimate a luminous room and it cheers for where is watched it. If his son has a strong personality, without doubts that it will like very many what I will do in its dormitory. The use of cushions in the colorful ground and pufs are some of the decorative elements that do not have to lack in this type of room. In addition when being a dormitory of it will be able to use it to an adolescent with his friendly, while to char them or when they play with the videojuegos. The simplest solution in a matter of furniture is to use del that or are had combining it with some objects of the Sixties and seventy that perhaps exists in their house or the one of some relative: a picture, a lamp, etc. the good thing of this style is that besides being very original and cheers, will allow him to use its imagination to plenary session.

In this type of room must choose bold colors. Which? Those that you would not perhaps choose to use nor in the tapestry: fucsia, turkish, orange, green. It does not choose one, but it chooses several and combnelos with freeing to obtain psicodelia but avoiding the stridencies. The use of paperings with heavy horizontal rays is ideal. In addition it anmese to incorporate geometric figures in the curtains, the clothes of bed and the tapestry. It combines circles with rectangles or triangles and that are of combined colors. Something that does not have to lack is the flowers since he is one of the printings characteristic of the MGP-art.

By all means that when being a dormitory something to which it is due to render to him special attention is to the bed, beyond all the details of decoration which they must do they present/display in the same. What bed to choose? Most advisable it is than the selection is done considering the space available. Beds exist folding nests, beds bunks, beds, classic beds tracks and beds. If it is wanted to save then space the classic beds do not have to consider a good option. If the room is small the best thing it is to use folding beds or beds tracks. His son will have major space available during the day. Now if what is needed it is a then extra place the best options they are the use of beds nests or bunks. In relation to the rest of the furniture curved as well as comfortable lamps and chairs or another type of furniture with pure lines can be added. So that it is still more MGP-art, these would have to be of wood and would have to count on little varnish. By no reason the room must have a unique tone. It adds to him to a one of the walls photography in 4 different tones and causes that it shines really well. Ready to decorate his first room MGP-art? The company Muebles Asdara is distributing manufacturer and of furniture, especially of youthful furniture. It has an ample variety of models of folding beds.