Day Inside

The Life is Thus would not exist sound If it did not have silence would not have light If was not the blackout the life is exactly thus, Day and Night, not and yes Certain things? Lulu Saints To live is to sharpen the instrument Of inside pr is Of is pr dentro/A all hour, all moment Of inside pr is Of is pr inside To all hour, all moment/Of inside pr is Of is pr inside Mountain range of moonlight? Leila Pine Because, that it is your life? It is a vapor that appears for a little, and later if it vanishes. Tg. 4:14 Whenever it is thought while still alive soon makes aluso to the time and, automatically is thought about the seconds, the minutes and the hours. Here it is not intended to think about this chronological time, but, to make a reflection, in a time that leaves its marks in our minds, in closest of the being. It can be asked: How much time leads to be born? To grow and to become adult? A common reply of the parents, almost in a general way, it is that they have homesicknesses of the son or the son and, in many cases, say they, they do not remember when its children were babies and some say with certain nostalgia: ' ' it grew so fast, ours you being velho' ' or ' ' the time passed and I not vi' '. Then, this time does not have time. E, in this time that does not have time, for times, loses it chance of if sharpening the instrument. Of inside pr it are, that is, to play something? it are? that it leaves in them annoying, hurts that corrode mind and body, becoming a cancer that quiet consumes the life, as well as the rust that corroe the steel or, as the harmful grass that of subtle form goes sucking all the seiva, all the blood, of the tree until killing it.