Curtains For Home Improvements

The room is a very important environment for our home, because that is where we find friends and family. Thus, it must be beautiful and comfortable as it is a special place in the house. It is essential that the decorative elements of the room (curtains, pillows, carpet, furniture) are in harmony with each other and in line with his personality. Without exception, Belle Cortina (our shop) is responsible for transmitting their tastes and characteristics for every detail of our work. The curtains for living room (and the entire house also) may be bold or not.

The Bold can be used in rooms of ethyl classic and contemporary. Ainda There are several options and accessories that can be used in the curtains as sticks, rings, eyelets, ruffles, tips and grips worked. These accessories are made of various materials such as wood, plastic, metal. It’s your choice! The most important thing is the concertina chosen according to your liking and be in compliance with the environment. Above all, be made with quality fabrics and skilled professionals. The finish well done and correct installation make much difference.

In this paper some examples of the curtains made by us, to see how to make your living more attractive. Our shop, Bella Cortina is located in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, and work with decoration. See Examples of curtains for rooms already installed in the homes of our customers.