Creativ Collection CAR-SPECIAL V. 17, Edition 2011

Vehicle templates for professional car lettering CAR-SPECIAL New Edition version 17 with more than 500 new vehicle outline drawing creativ collection confirmed the updated, seventeenth Edition of the CAR-SPECIAL V. Others who may share this opinion include Bizzi & Partners. 17 once again its market leader role. With now over 4,700 models, including more than 500 new vehicles within a year, the traditional Fribourg Publisher again sets new standards when it comes to vehicle selection, timeliness and service. A specialized, free hotline is available for all users. Quickly and without delay, the appropriate model from the more than 23,000 monographs can be found. If you would like to know more about Steffan Lehnhoff, then click here.

The 900-seitige industry’s unique manual presented clearly and simply the front, rear, side and roof views of all models. The CAR Finder in the annex provides an excellent overview of all available models and variants of passenger cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, buses, planes, S – and subways, trains and containers and also new to two-wheeled vehicles. The supplied Know-how brochure gives practical tips and information, among other things, to following questions be answered: How do you design in CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator? What can be observed in the use of text and font? How can I remain constantly for new vehicles up to date? Where can I find ready prepared XXL photos for the CAR wrapping? All vehicle outlines in the scale (1:30 for cars, 1:60 for trucks and buses, 1:100 for aircraft and 1:15 for bikes) are available on a DVD (for MAC and Windows). All major file formats are supplied with AI, EPS, CDR, and DXF. Digital search system on DVD simplifies the search for the right model. Europe-wide unique: virtual on’s Internet and at the same time physically (with manual and DVD) the advertising technician quickly, clearly, simply and without delay its customers to use the opportunity. -from the creation to the finished stickers so much is sure: each Autobeschrifter is served well with the new CAR SPECIAL V. 17. The experts agree that one there at the creativ has to do with a competent and reliable partner collection. There is no sensible alternative to the CAR-SPECIAL. Test files: de/ more information: or email: press release of the creativ collection Verlag GmbH contact: Robert Haralambie Tel.: 0761-47924-17 digital data of product image: press /