90% Of people understand by quality housing something very different to what truly is the quality of the housing. Poor quality, does not mean putting ceramic 2nd sockets of wood under countertops with economic cortinitas, smoothed cement floors, carpets or frightening bolseados plasters did you ever see endings like these? they leave a tremendous aspect, dress of cheap housing, it is true. But make no mistakes, simply this is only makeup and in no way mean poor quality housing. The poor quality of housing is seen in the stability and tightness. I.e., that the structure is strong and isolated from the water.Poor quality means, put less iron than those stated in the project, add more water to the indicated, deficient chained cement (or worse yet, not do chained), bad insulation from moisture, etc. You have to prevent water from entering the housing in any of the ways that it enters. (Foundations, openings, walls, decks, steam, etc.) This is all the a secret that will allow your House to remain unchanged for many years. Tasks in which you should not save are: foundations (Foundation beam) and chained (upper tie beam).Exterior walls and water-resistant insulation (i.e., insulation of water).Reinforced concrete structure.Cover.

To put it in some way, if you want to save, you have to do it in paint, in ceramics, in toilets, faucets, everything what can change without affecting the structure of the building, or with techniques that will explain continuously, and not of the more important, cement, iron, insulating materials.A spot of moisture, a settlement of the foundations, a leak, a fissure are lethal for the durability of the work. This is the true quality, that nobody sees but which must always be as last reflection I prefer see a ugly color in a perfect wall, a patch of moisture in a wall of a beautiful color. You you like? A Cordial greeting.