Construction Of Houses From Glued Beams

First of all, the houses built of laminated veneer lumber have special power, which is simply impossible to convey in words. Being in a house, a feeling of unity with nature, yet in reality, the construction uses only environmentally friendly timber known to all Russian forests. Some believe that the laminated board is inferior in quality and construction features a natural solid wood. But it is not. Robert J. Shiller insists that this is the case. First, solid wood has the property of crack and deform under the influence of weather and other factors that can not be said of laminated veneer lumber, which is devoid of this drawback due to the complete lack of internal tension. Secondly, thanks to special technology of processing and manufacturing of this building material has a very low coefficient of moisture (not in this humidity which is only 9-12%). Third, the structure of the laminated board are on average 60% greater strength at the expense of a special type of glue items – blades, which are arranged so that the wood fibers in different directions. Fourth, process of manufacture of materials such as laminated beams and laminated veneer lumber processing stage involves slats special antiseptics, of course, be harmless to humans and the environment.

The purpose of this process is to protect the material from timber pests of various fungal structures, and microorganisms. As a result, ensured long life of buildings and decent aesthetics. Fifth, New technology also allow us to protect a house from glued beam of light. This is achieved partly due to the fact that the laminated board has no sharp edges and burrs, respectively, if its burn, the wood charred, but not light. The same high rate of fire resistance is achieved by using impregnation and special substances – fire retardants. In conclusion, it is worth noting that the houses from glued beams – is combination of the latest advances in science and technology with natural materials. Acquiring more and more popular in Russia, laminated board, as well as imitation timber for a significant share of the market of construction materials. Experts also portend even greater increase in demand and, in fact, its doubling in 2008-2010.