Construction Companies

Exclusive stand construction company-developer of pre-developed and approved by the exhibitor design. Typically, the basis for such stands are chipboard or construction of an aluminum profile. Individual development is expensive, but original and memorable exhibition design – a matter of prestige of the company. So, companies are forced to choose between the exponents of standard and individual buildings. At the same time, the first does not allow apart from the competition, and the cost of building an exclusive stand is not always justified. And what if an individual stand design is not yet ready, but before the show is too little time? The optimal solution in this situation is to use a modular design, which quite successfully compete with individual buildings: apparently they do not differ from each other, with the only difference that the first based on the principle of transformation, they are intended for repeated use. In addition, a wide range of accessories, custom details and finishes the final versions of the stand, each Exposition was built on the basis of modular structures, characterized by an individual design.

The undoubted advantage of modular exhibition stand is the ability to change configuration, depending on the size and specifics of a particular exposure. Typically, modular structures can be easily transported and assembled by one person. In addition, modular construction can be used in areas with a standard buildings – exposition "Revived" in a matter of seconds. Another challenge, which will face an exponential: a decision in favor of the purchase or lease of the stand. The choice depends on several factors, namely, the budget and the intentions of the company. If the company takes part in exhibitions and promotions several times a year, then it makes sense to buy property in the booth. Then, having paid once, you can use the stand repeatedly.

In addition, over time, he can be completed by the construction, complicated accessories and additional elements. These original features and stands over and over again reflect the company's corporate identity anywhere in the exhibition. If you are buying stand, consider the question of its transportation and storage between exposures, the booth rental can partially solve it. Many companies prefer to take stands out, ie at the exhibition. This decision also optimal for companies that are not guided by systematic public communications. Often the exhibition is a must event for the company: no company, especially large among Exhibitors may negatively affect its image. Approach to the preparation of the exhibition have very seriously, planning it carefully, choosing between renting or buying a standard or exclusive stand.