Concept of Property

Dr. Wilson Jose Gonalves Summary: The concept of property together with the conception of its use gained proper characteristics throughout the times, in accordance with the moment historical where if it fit and motivated by the production way which if found submitted. In such a way, the notion of use of lands, does not lose its natural approach, however I acquired other ideas, that if come back to the collective interests and answer to the yearnings of the global characteristics, as the concern with the preservation of the existing natural resources, the respect to the work relations, the retaken one of ethical and social values, among others. Leaving of this context, this study it searchs to approach the points increased the form of appropriation and fruition of the land, as well as the decurrent partner-economic effect of the same one, taking as base the occured change in this conception and the complementation of its character before strict economic. Therefore, the beginning of the social function of the country property, it is of great importance, to the measure that sends the paper of the land to a useful form to the society, and necessary, to the point that limits the proper ambition and guarantees the preservation of social values beyond developing the ambient respect. Word-key: Land, Use, Society, Relations of Work, Ambient Respect.

1. Introduction the analysis of the Social Function of the Property, in this specific boarding of the country property, is of great relevance portncia of t, it is of so great for recital of a conception concerning the utility of one determined area, and which its paper and commitment ahead of the society. The concept of the social function of the property does not send only to a legal definition, for backwards of the requirements that the fulfilment of the social function composes exists all a economic relation that perpassa for this theory and becomes important its agreement for constatao of the effect of these relations.