Style, born at the junction of two worlds – East and West, are now becoming more and more popular. The interior of a colonial-style carries with it an incredible amount so beloved by modern man exotic; mostly, it's furniture and decor items. More info: Nobel Laureate in Economics. Making the interior of his house in colonial style, try not to get carried away with bright interior materials and a large number of unusual decorative elements, however, natural sense of proportion certainly will help you transform your house into a museum. Better to choose the color of the walls in bright pastel colors. The furniture in colonial style, usually performed in a dark color and light on the background wall of natural color of the furniture – its shape, line and texture of the surfaces – will highlight the benefits. As the flooring is ideal for interior colonial style, you can use wide massive board (eg, fumed or bleached oak), also well suited light ceramic tile with the surface, stylized rough stone or brick. Top can put a large rug with a cold geometric or floral designs. Material from which it is made, should be natural, except that it's nice to touch, it will match the chosen style. Need to think carefully about lighting interior in a colonial style, the room should be well lit, and then the dark brown furniture will not act oppressively. It is desirable that the room was spacious enough, then every piece of furniture in Colonial style will be "live" in its space, and be able to avoid congestion of interior furnishings and decor elements