Choose Your Rustic Country Home

Almost all the inhabitants of megacities are thinking that some time of their lives in a remote village with her grandmother. Take a break from the hustle back in place. In the past, the majority of people has got villas, but now such small plots are not interesting. Wanting to build a decent and one-storey house in a new place, city dwellers are faced with many challenges. Construction technologies and countless difficult to choose the right one. Such as common house of the felled pine trees and flood homes, panel houses a variety of Canadian houses, brick houses, etc. One of the oldest and most widespread in our middle lane overlooking Technology construction of a log cabin home. A house built of softwood trees.

The most common are spruce and pine, it is desirable not podsochennye (ie which do not collect resin). Two centuries ago the future logs in the woods hem and waited a year to dry, then cut and on horseback in winter on snow trail to the place of construction. Built a house in the normally without foundation, or on stones or on stumps. House cut with an ax, this Technology longer is not destroyed, than that which applies now. Now cut up the house is not chopped and sawed with saws. When sawing saw tears pores that run along the tree trunk and water vapor freely can enter into the pines. When cutting a wooden house with an ax, on the contrary all the pores are pressed and the tree always remains dry.