Checking Database

So be careful when you are required to sign a treaty or an act of acceptance and transfer to the onerous terms or to make a "pledge" documents. Generally the best way to deter fraud – is removed presented with copies of original documents (your legal right) and to report, among other things, that you will perform professional expertise in real estate agencies, commercial security service at the Union of Realtors or law firm. Having heard these terms, fraudsters or unscrupulous owners will find a million reasons to continue to work with you. And let your ad on the audit is not unfounded. Checking an opponent, as Practice shows that a must.

The main stages of testing the property owner are: Check passport (no other identification document is not suitable); Checking Database (address, telephone, drug treatment, according to the registry of owners of real estate); Check title documents; Check chains of alienation (ie, how often resold to an apartment and the data on all of its owners. If the apartment has replaced more than 10 hosts, then of such an option should be abandoned); Poll neighbors; Checking for legal prohibition (arrest, failure to meet the housing and credit obligations, the presence of the heirs, etc.). Before the end of check Never give your opponent any money as an advance, deposit, bond or other deposit. Trust, but verify Separately worth talking about choosing a real estate office. What should I pay attention to understand – a reliable agency? With this question we turned to one of the most successful agencies Novorossiysk "Novation", founder of the 'Union of Realtors Novorossiysk. " Deputy Director General, commented Irina Mitiaeva N "As a general rule, a reliable agency working in the property market for at least two to three years. This time is sufficient to show and prove itself in this area.

City we have a small and, therefore, rumors spread very quickly, so-called "word of mouth," they too must not be neglected. If we talk about how to determine a reliable agency, I would like to resort to the poll, which was conducted late last year Independent Buyers Association of Russia (NAP RF). Analysis of the survey revealed few signs of "decent" real estate company. 1. The first call you to easily get through, they heard a pleasant voice Secretary has submitted agency and immediately got a chance to talk with an expert 2. Office in a decent house in a decent area 3. Organization of internal office space to the Client in the room should be free – are not saving for comfort and does not degrade the customer crowding and bustle, 4. Intercoms First – they are, secondly, in their light, comfortable, quiet, 5. Coffee Customer pleased to hear: "You have coffee black or with cream?" 6. Business Card Anyone who wants to install good relationship with the client, presenting a personal business card. Official site: Downtown Philadelphia Condos. Corporate business card – a sign of bad taste! I think this poll quite clearly characterizes a decent agency, although in a poll taken a very subjective questions. The main client, contacting a real estate agency, must feel protected, and this can only give professionals! Reputable agencies generally have insurance against various risks transactions. Confirmation of this – a document that produces real estate agent at your request. Generally, in the real estate environment made to hang on the place of honor all kinds of certificates, certificates, diplomas and ratification, which has agency. All of them you can calmly examine and verify. Hinder you in this one will not. "