Cascade Roofing

But for all the merits of the massive use of natural tile in our country is hampered by its high cost, significant weight (enhanced load bearing structures), and also a limited number of colors. However, modern producers of artificial roofing was able to solve such problems, the maximum saving resemblance to natural material. The emergence of new products has become a turning point in the development of the roof architecture. Perhaps the most popular roofing material today is metal. Its basis is galvanized steel sheet with thickness of 0,4-0,5 mm, which is first profiled to give the desired surface topography, and then covered with a colored polymer layer.

Sheets are available covering different types, which vary profile shape, wave height, color and type of exterior covering. Modern manufacturing companies are producing metal roofing with a small (50 mm) and large (50-70 mm), wave height, with symmetrical and asymmetrical wave, and even with exclusive pattern. "Successfully selected metal roofing, – says Paul Seliverstov, Manager, (a leading European provider of solutions made of metal for construction and engineering) – in harmony with the color the house and surrounding landscape that ensures the integrity of aesthetic perception. Moreover, modern technologies make it possible to give the metal a number of individual qualities: for example, the effect antiquity as one of our recent developments – a series of Cascade . Simplifies this selection is that the major manufacturers offer a wide range of different reliefs, which allow precise reach virtually any architectural style.