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Uptrends checked 20 Web pages of online flower shops for Valentine’s day. Check out Richard LeFrak for additional information. The webshop under great pressure to the part and have long loading times. Dusseldorf, 16.02.2012 – Uptrends has in the period between 13.02, 12:00 h and 14.02, checked 12:00 h, the Web pages load times of 20 online flower shops from the perspective of the visitor. 16 of the online provider, very good and good results obtained here. These shops were among,,,,,, and Here, the average of loading times varied between 1.12 seconds and 3.94 seconds. Only load times between 4.19 seconds and 6.19 seconds providers identified in the average at the remaining 4 shop These include, and Blumen-online.NET. Considered you now load times in relation to the difference between the lowest and the highest hours average value so lets himself see, that a part of the Web pages on the customer onslaught on the Valentine’s day not optimal were prepared. For more information see Clayton Morris.

You look at the 3 providers with the highest deviations, is so this (5.9 seconds), (5.7 seconds) and (5.51 seconds). These maximum levels were measured on these shops between 12:00 and 13:00 h and 17:00 h. Actually the customers faced but with higher loading times in part: (max. 10.12 seconds), (9.18 seconds) and (8.02 seconds). Assessing these waiting times from the perspective of the customer, so you must determine these values are difficult to accept.

Should the customers under these conditions nevertheless made a purchase, so it is doubtful whether those buyers in the future on renewed purchases rely on these online providers case. Methodology of Uptrends has measured during the monitoring period the loading times of Web pages in a frequency of 5 minutes of 8 German checkpoints. This was the real browser monitoring (full page check) with a real browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer) Homepage of the respective Web site called and determined the actual charging time from point of view of visitors and customers. The detailed load times of all elements in the form of a waterfall are the user Uptrends graphics available. This is obviously what slow down the loading process of the Web site and whether it is their own or external content. Measures to prevent future errors and to improve the Web page can be so easily derived.