Barcelona Airport

Baqueira Beret is the largest skiable of Spain, which is located in a privileged area of the Aran Valley, in the Catalan Pyrenees. Baqueira Beret Ski station is well known for its great prestige which is due to be the largest skiable domain and to its important ski slopes. Baqueira Beret Ski station consists in three sector:Baqueira, Beret and Bonaigua, with an extension of 110 kilometres pistes spread over 71 tracks, which have been expanded this year with the new additions to the ski slopes of Baqueira Beret. To get to Baqueira Beret have various transports, but none, except the car, takes you directly to tracks. You can access the area by plane (to the airport of Lleida, or Barcelona Airport), train to Lleida, by car or by bus until the Vielha bus station which is located in front of the cinema. The ideal is to combine any other transport to the bus that takes you to Vielha. Credit: Chris Burns-2011.

If you want to get to Baqueira from France, the miles are less, since it is the Montrejeau station from France and 180 km to 60 km is the airport of Toulouse. From Barcelona you can take several paths, but the most common usually going by the AP-2 with direction to Lleida. From Madrid one of the most common passes for take the motorway A – 2 Zaragoza – Huesca, the N-240 to Barbastro, then following by the N-123 Benabarre and then go by the N-230 to Pont de Suert – Valle de Aran. If you decide to go by train from Madrid can catch AVE Madrid-Lleida, or even you can go by bus with Alsa bus company, and from here take the weekly transfer that goes to Baqueira-Beret. From Barcelona in E.A. Barcelona Nord the train you take to Lleida, or you can go by bus to Vielha. You can search apartments for your stay Vielha in Baqueira.

The closest airports are in Lleida, 160 km of Toulouse, to 180 km, in Huesca, Zaragoza and Barcelona. From there you can take other means to get close to Baqueira. The nearest airports are those of Lleida, Pyrenees Huesca, Zaragoza and Barcelona in Spain and Toulouse in France.