Artificial Intelligence

War is a serious game in which one committed his reputation, sustropas and their homeland. Napoleon Bonaparte is incredible that the inventiveness of the human being is dynamic, to the end that fiction becomes real when it proposes. In this case the creativity has resulted in the creation of robots ready to put into action before a war, this would on the one hand ensure not so much carnage of the human carnage that is and always will be very controversial, by representing the extinction ending people’s lives, that seems born simply to go to die on a battlefield, often borrowing beyond their control. Do you know how review? that this reality there is data that cannot be ignoradoscomo – in Iraq alone, the U.S. are actively using 5,300 aerial robots, and 12,000 ground robots, which in my opinion is a figure that few imagined.-According to a high military representative of the United States, the target is tens of thousands of robots in the field of insurance of battle simultaneously.-because there are robotic soldier in 44 countries programmes.-2015, more of 50% of the actors in a war the United States will be robots-currently there are at least 4 projects of the Pentagon of the United States seeking to create completely autonomous robots with Artificial Intelligence for military work.-today it is already possible a citizen with technical knowledge to construct a flying robot for less than US $1,000, which should put us to think what this technology represents into the hands of terrorists-a robot there is to convince him that if he kills thousands of people that this will go to heaven where 70 women virgins (as it is the promise that is made to many terrorists).-expect it today there are American warriors in Nevada, running missions to remote control by removing targets and killing people from that State in the United States.