Argan Properties

ARGN OIL 100% virgin natural oil of argn is extracted of the oil food of the tree of argn. All our oil products of argn, have EcoCert guarantee. The oil of Argn, comes being the fundamental base from the culture of bereberes, they have come cultivating and applying it as much in its feeding as in its skin and hair, for centuries. The women bereberes, produce the oil of argn for the nourishing needs of the local population, but also in the traditional use of attention by its skin and the hair. Clearly, the virgin oil of argn, it also has natural properties confirmed by several carried out scientific studies as much in Morocco as in Europe. Their more important biochemical components universally are recognized by their beneficial effects on the health. If it is consumed regularly, the oil of argn added to its file by virtue of a new therapy.In fact, the investigators are shortage recently that the regular consumption of the oil of argn would be reduced in a 50% the risk of developing hypertension, cholesterol etc. Composition of the oil of argn: The linoleic acid (polyunsaturated): 35% the oleic acid (monoinsaturate): 45% Tocoferoles: 62 100 mgs/g.

Polifenoles: 5.6 100 mgs/g. Carotene: 300 100 mgs/g. Sterols: 160 100 mgs/g. Terpeno alcohol: 150 100 mgs/g. The essential fatty acids play a role very important in the diet.

To reduce the amount of plasma cholesterol in the body, that prevents their deposit in the arteries and to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Prolonged deficiency A.G.E.(essential fatty acids) inevitably they cause to the premature aging and the loss of elasticity of the skin, deteriorating the weaves of the same. We must remember that the skin is the part greater of our body and as all our organism is in constant regenerative process the oleic acid is famous by its beneficial effects on the cardiovascular and hepatic health.