Architecture, Has Made Buildings That Have Made Life Better

The man with the endless capabilities and has great vision of development has created a large number of activities and functions to make possible all the wonders he sees in his mind. These important activities that have contributed greatly to the development of man in history making it possible all these great visions of man, the architecture with its methods and applications, has made it possible to build endless structures that have made life much more pleasant. So when talking about architecture, it is referring to the various activities and functions for the development of structures, which should make plans, develop projects, to design these projects and this process useful to construct buildings for storage, besides making them habitable, so in architecture will find not only the development of the vision embodied in building designs, but also the processes must be performed properly construct and use the volumes needed to perform to properly build the structures. Speaking about the history of architecture and its development along with men, as well as first data, the word architecture comes from a Greek phrase, which refers to the director of the construction work or the boss. The architecture represented initially very rustic structures and forms very improvised, but then over time began to develop clear and appropriate techniques for the development of architecture in the world where each printed his vision of architecture, which allowed the emergence of new styles in the various buildings that can be found in the world. The architecture is traditionally based on three principles or characteristics, among which are the beauty that is the sample should have aesthetic architecture and the strength and usefulness, which show the characteristics of the architecture and construction carried out perfectly and In order to be habitable. The architecture has allowed the construction of magnificent works of structures considered art, since the styles are printed on certain structures, are clear signs of aesthetics and good taste. Despite this architecture rather than seeking to create works of art, which seeks to create spaces that are perfectly suited for use by individuals, to develop many activities, where such outstanding results of the architecture livable for people. We must bear in mind that what makes the architecture is named as such, is not the mere construction, because even though the basic meaning of architecture is to create living spaces, you can not try anything, in architecture to translate the taste, trends, visions and styles of people, thus clearly speaking of the mixed architecture must build both a sense of living as art and good taste, so the architecture is the realization of a space both physical and emotional value.